Art Focused Events
by 5D Presents

art focused events by 5D Presents

Representing Local Artists

What is art? How do we make time for it and invite it into our lives? 5D Presents creates venues where artists can display and sell their wares, where participants are free to create, and where artists can be supported in their creativity. Whether you are a local artist seeking representation or are seeking an outlet for expression, 5D Presents opportunities just for you.

Art Focused Events by 5D Presents

Mary S.

I feel I've made friends for life, been able to let go of some harmful patterns I've been holding onto, and remembered who I am. Thank you Sarah, Jennie, Jessica, and Katrina.

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Local Art Event

Hidden Gems Salon

Grateful Gathering is a full day of self care and healing classes. Financial Independence, Kaballah, Chakra Workshop, Breathwork, & Bodywork.

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