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Jennie McDaniel | Founder of 5D Presents

Jennie McDaniel | Founder of 5D Presents

Jennie McDaniel is a crystal child who started receiving psychic messages at a very young age. Her upbringing in the Midwest was rather normal, except for her unquenchable curiosity for the paranormal
and metaphysics. Being born in the late 70s and growing up in the 80s, she didn’t have many resources for psychic teachers or connections. But as the 90s came, in so did the occult (thanks goth!). Here she’s introduced to many different psychic tools and studies. Not knowing what she wanted to do after high school she skipped town and moved to Detroit.

The underground rave scene was hot and the small-town girl dove in. Flash forward 5 yrs later and that’s when the professional healing career begins. In 2002 in Kalamazoo MI, she enrolls in a Massage Therapy Program. This is when her skills really started to bloom. Massage was a vehicle for practicing all her eclectic skills. Within the first year, she realized she is a natural energy worker. Clients would see colors and symbols or take home incredible levels of joy often lasting for days. After several similar comments from clients, she started digging deeper into the world of energy work.

Within a year or two the channeling and “seeing” of past lives started coming to her more often. At first, it was sporadic. Then it became more reliable. Not long after, in 2009, she decided to sell her business (the Holistic House) in Plainwell, MI and move to Boulder, CO. Since then she’s built and collaborated in over 10 businesses, lived in 5 states and added 8 more modalities to her repertoire…so far. Stay turned. There’s so much more to come.

Jennie McDaniel currently lives in the beautiful mountain community of Placitas, New Mexico. She plans and hosts a wide variety of events locally and all around the country. She hopes to help elevate the consciousness of those in her community and the world one event at a time.

Jade A

My time at the 'Summer Solstice Retreat' with Jennie McDaniel and Leah was absolutely transformative. I was able to be myself fully and completely without worry of judgement from the organizers or the other attendees. Everyone accepted me, quirks and all, and made me feel welcome, listened to, and loved. Jennie helped me realize multiple paths in my life I hadn't considered, and taught me to view the world through a different lens - her motto? Heart over Ego. Leah lead us through calming yoga, rituals, and ceremony that helped me get in touch with my inner being, and really pushed me towards beginning the healing process. If you have any interest at all in experiencing something new, I highly recommend you consider attending one of these fabulous retreats.

More on the History of 5D Consciousness


Tracing the history of “5D consciousness” isn’t as straightforward as tracking a historical event. It’s a spiritual concept rooted in various esoteric and New Age belief systems, lacking a singular origin point.

Early mentions can be found in theosophical writings of the late 19th century, describing higher dimensions beyond our physical reality. The concept gained wider attention in the 20th century through channeled works and spiritual teachers, often linked to ideas of ascension and human evolution.

These sources describe 5D consciousness as a state of expanded awareness characterized by:

  • Unity consciousness: Feeling interconnectedness with all beings and nature.
  • Unconditional love: Operating from a place of compassion and acceptance.
  • Enhanced intuition and perception: Experiencing the world beyond the limitations of the five senses.
  • Greater creativity and problem-solving abilities: Accessing innovative solutions and expressing oneself authentically.

While the concept lacks scientific backing, it resonates with individuals seeking deeper meaning and understanding of themselves and the universe. The idea of a collective shift towards 5D consciousness has also gained traction in recent years, often tied to interpretations of astrological events and societal changes.

It’s important to remember that the concept remains open to interpretation and individual experience, making its history more about the evolution of ideas and beliefs than a documented timeline.